Drum Recording Simon Gattringer

Simon Gattringer is currently playing in Johannes Oerding's band and Joko Winterscheidt's TV show "Who Steals My Show". He is one of the best drummers in Germany and has already played/recorded for Udo Lindenberg, Max Mutzke, Helene Fischer, Sascha, Adel Tawil, and many others. We recently had a fantastic audio and video production with Simon and Meinl Percussion in our studios. In addition to several product videos, 3 amazing performance tracks from Simon will also be released from the session. What a great musician! Be sure to check it out on Meinl Percussion's YouTube channel!

Bass Recording MPNG

MPNG is a singer and bassist from Berlin who, in recent years, has played with bands like Limp Bizkit and currently with Kontra K. We had the pleasure of recording several videos with him for the new ORTEGA bass models on behalf of ORTEGA Guitars... Apart from pure acoustic videos, Sam, alias MPNG, also performed some songs using a looper. Soon available on ORTEGA's YouTube channel... Check it out.

Drumrecording mit Jost Nickel

Jost Nickel is one of the top drummers in Germany and became widely known, in part, through his collaboration with Jan Delay. In our Studio 1, in collaboration with Meinl, video and audio were recorded for a total of 6 tracks from his new solo album, as well as several drum grooves.


ATTENTION, FOR AUDIO NERDS AND PERFECTIONISTS: In this video, Ralf Gustke (known for his work with Xavier Naidoo, Söhne Mannheims) plays quintuplet beats in Studio 1 of AFW Studios, while our developed STEREOBLADE MKIII motorizedly moves the overhead microphones. In the audio track of this video version, only the overhead microphones can be heard. A great example to compare the sound differences of various stereo microphone techniques.

Voicerecording with Stefan Gossler

"I like to move it, move it... Even if you don't know him, you probably recognize his voice. Actor and voice actor Stefan Gossler, aka the German voice of Jackie Chan, King Julien (Madagascar), and many more... Thanks for visiting AFW Studios, Stefan, it was a blast working with you :) ...coming soon to NETFLIX..."

Recording with Denise Jannah

Denise Jannah is one of the best jazz singers worldwide. She is the first Dutch jazz soloist to be signed by the legendary record label "Blue Note" and was honored with the Bratislav Bata Anastasijevic Award (XII. International Nisville Festival, Serbia 2006). It was an honor for us to have Denise record in our studio, and we eagerly look forward to seeing her again.

Recording Philharmenka

Philharmenka is a brass ensemble from the ranks of the Nuremberg Philharmonic. From the theme tune "Phantom of the Opera" to traditional brass band music, we had the pleasure of recording several tracks with these likable guys. For more information, visit

Captain Hollywood

We just had a very inspiring day with the pioneer of Eurodance, Tony Dawson-Harrison, also known as Captain Hollywood. Tony was one of the best breakdancers of the 90s and has since become a very savvy music producer. We wish him the best of luck for his upcoming festivals with the Captain Hollywood Project.

Songwriter Network

We are excited to welcome Tam Nsaliwa in our creative artist and songwriter team. Tam is a professional soccer player (1.FCN, 1.FC Saarbrücken, AEK Athen, the Canadian national team and many others) and also a great songwriter and artist. We’re looking forward to our future cooperation

Brass Band Recording

Trumpet, trombone, horn and tuba - hardly any instrumental genre in our latitudes is so much associated with solemn festive occasions as brass music. We had the pleasure to be part of the BPS Brass Band Tour and recorded the concerts in Neustadt / Aisch, Ipsheim and in the great Roggenburg Abbey.

Producing ADALIZ

ADALIZ VON GOLTZ is a brilliant opera singer from cologne. In May we decided to pursue another direction for her. We started with a new  music challenge where we connect her great classic voice with other music directions. This is a really exciting project and we are sure you will be hearing from her soon.

Producing Ralf Gustke

Ralf Gustke is a very sought-after studio and Livedrummer and became one of the most famous German drummers. He played with Georg Danzer, Gianna Nannini, Chaka Khan, Johannes Nitsch, Schiller, Sabrina Setlur, Edo Zanki, Tom Liwa, Lothar Kosse, Joe Sciacca, Nena, Sharona and many others. He is best known for his work with Xavier Naidoo and Söhne Mannheim's. After working together on an Album Ralf was excited from the acoustic and the sound of our studio so we decided to embark on other projects (drum videos and his solo project).

Amsterdam Connection

Yootha Wong-Loi-Sing is a singer and very succesful actress from the netherlands. She amazed us with her great voice and songwriter skills in April and we are looking forward in continuing our journey with her in the near future.

Recording the BASSBUG

We started the Production of Thomas Meinlschmidt's Solo Album "THE BASSBUG" in our STUDIO1. Studio 1 with it's 100sqm and a great acoustic is perfect for recordings like this, where musician can record side by side for perfect visual comunication.

Brass Band Recording


In December '16 "Franconian Brass"  started with the first recording session for their new CD Album under the direction of Matthias Eckart in the AFW Studios.  With over 30 Brass Musicians our 100sqm Studio 1 was the right recording location for this production.

AFW Live Events

On 06-28 our first public event took place on the studio ground. The outside area of the sound studio was sold out to the last place, to the delight of the "Frankenbarden".


Platz 1. beim "Deutschen Rock & Pop Preis"

Birgit Bachstein wins the "31st German Rock & Pop Award"  in the category "Musicproduction - Best CD album of the year 2013 (German language). The CD was completely produced  in our studios and published under our label.

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