About Us

The AFW STUDIOS are a recording studio complex located in the heart of Europe, in Franconia, Germany. Featuring multiple recording rooms and a state-of-the-art control room, the complex also highlights its own guest house for artists and a generous outdoor area for relaxation, complete with a Jacuzzi and a gym.


Designed for audio and video recordings at the highest level, the AFW STUDIOS offer a wide selection of studio microphones, microphone preamps, and a comprehensive Pro Tools system. Additionally, the visually impressive and acoustically optimized recording spaces enable multi-camera recordings in 6K resolution. Since the opening of the large recording room STUDIO1 in 2016, musicians from around the world have found their way to the AFW STUDIOS.

House Producer & Studio Manager

Christian Schemm is a content & music producer, Tonmeister, and audio engineer born in Germany in 1981. His passion for music began at a young age. He received a classical music education in trumpet, guitar, and piano and excelled in numerous music competitions during his youth.


Christian later enrolled in the master class course for solo trumpet at the Conservatory in Würzburg, receiving instruction from Fred Miles of Canadian Brass and Richard Steward.


Having toured extensively throughout Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands as a guitarist, trumpet player, and singer, Christian has participated in more than 1,000 gigs and concerts across a range of musical genres, from classical to rock/pop and metal, since 1997. He performed on major stages, refining his live performance skills along the way, including appearances on TV Shows.

In 2005, he began studying audio engineering in Munich and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Recording Arts (Honours).

Before opening the AFW Studios, Christian worked alongside rock/pop and metal productions as a Tonmeister, recording various large ensembles and orchestras throughout Germany, among other projects.


Additionally, Christian is the CEO of Schemm Pro Audio and is the visionary behind the revolutionary robotic microphone system, STEREOBLADE, a high-end solution for positioning microphones in stereo recordings.

Credits: El Estepario Siberiano, The Cost, Anika Nilles & Nevell, Jürgen „Ventor“ Reil (Kreator),  Simon Gattringer (Johannes Oerding), Domino Santantonio,  Dan Mayo, Brody Simpson, Ralf Gustke (Söhne Mannheims, Xavier Naidoo), Simon Scheibel (Alvaro Sole), Simon Schröder (Ooomph!), Frank Frallan Nilson, Ramon Montagner, Santino Scavelli, Camille Bigeault, Artur Hnatek, Edwin Sanz (Steve Winwood), Rodrigo Rodriguez,  Stephan Emig, Daniel Stelter (Heavy Tones), Dominik Krämer (Fantastischen Vier), Vincent Golly, Diego Galé, Alejandro Trejos, Conrado Molina, Gianluca Pelllerito, Tomek Torres, Harriet Emily, MPNG (Limp Bizkit, Kontra K), Yootha Wong Loi Sing,  Max Grösswang, Cappella Confluentes, Batzdorfer Hofkapelle, Chor of the Semper Opera, Choir at St. Michael's, Choir of the Gärtnerplatz State Theatre, Choir of the Bavarian State Opera, Jörn Andresen, Cantus Floridus, Windsbacher Knabenchor, Maria Schemm, Evangelische Kantorei Koblenz, Capella Daleminzia, Philharmenka, Bläserensemble Paul Schemm, Birgit Bachstein, Denise Jannah, High South, Billy Watman, Oli Rubow, Andrew Lauer, Jakub Kacic,  ORKX… Meinl, Tama Germany, Sonic Energy, Ortega Guitars, Siemens Healthineers, BR, BR Klassik, MDR